AWSN Cadets

Australian Women in Security Network


AWSN Cadets  is an outreach program run by the Australian Women in Security Network (AWSN) for female-identifying:

  • Tertiary students;
  • Early career professionals (0-3 years of cybersecurity industry experience).

AWSN Cadets is currently run by committees in:

  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Canberra (TBC)

We will be seeking to expand it to other states within Australia soon!


AWSN Cadets has two types of membership: standard membership (for tertiary students & early career professionals), and industry membership.

Join us today!


< 3 years experience in cyber security


3+ years experience in cyber security


Volunteer to present at the next AWSN Cadets workshop (industry professionals only)


AWSN Cadets aims to improve gender diversity within the Australian cybersecurity industry, at the grassroots level. We empower women from all walks of life to:

  • Explore different careers in cyber security
  • Connect with a variety of professional development opportunities.

Mission Statement

“AWSN Cadets will make tangible, positive changes to our society and the world, by attracting and retaining the best talent to our burgeoning, rewarding, and crucially important cyber security industry here in Australia.”

Key Objectives


We inspire members to be bold and embrace a career in cybersecurity, by facilitating workshops run by industry mentors on different cyber security topics/careers.


We connect members to resources and education providers, so that they may grow their cyber security knowledge.


We connect members to employment opportunities within our network via our platform, so that they may continue to grow their confidence and skills as cyber security professionals.

AWSN Committee Members

Skye Wu

Industy Advisor

Alison Fenwick

Industy Advisor

Maeesha Lohani

Online Community and Communications Officer

Caitlin Sauza

Committee Member

Charlotte Leonard – Brown

Committee Member

AWSN Committee Members – Brisbane

Mal Parkinson

Committee Member

Jessica Williams

Committee Member


Liz Bonny

Diane Loi

Jacqui Loustau



  • 5th March – AWSN Cadets program is founded in Brisbane, QLD.


  • 29th June – AWSN Cadets’ first anniversary, with membership increasing from 10 to 65
  • 1st September – The first ever AWSN Cadets Committee is formally inducted, to start a new chapter of AWSN Cadets history.


  • 29th June – AWSN Cadets was co-founded by Liz, Diane and Jacqui.
  • 14th August – First workshop held by Noushin Shabab on the topic of malware reverse engineering with 10 founding Cadets members