Australian Women in Security Network

Cyber Security Risk Management in Context

Author – Robyn Bailey A good cyber security program requires good management of risk, usually in accordance with Risk Management Standard ISO31000, although there’s almost always one critical step that is overlooked. Setting the context of a risk assessment is the first and one of the most important steps – if all participants of the…
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Simple use of Twitter to access world class malware advice

Author – Mary-Jane Phillips I had just finished a course on ransomware when Wanna Cry hit. This ransomware was not typical in the way it was delivered, so I spent time reading media articles and tweets about the ‘outbreak’. Experts on Twitter led me to Malware Tech’s botnet tracker which sadly, is not currently available.  At…
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Guest Post – IoT

Author – Brigitte Lewis From space, to transport, to the design of cities, IoT is the latest acronym to sweep the cyber landscape. IoT is short for Internet of Things and was coined by Kevin Ashton in 1999.  IoT is any device, be it your phone, laptop or Raspberry Pi that is connected to the internet. And so these…
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SUPPORT – You had an horrific day at work – how not to let that creep into your home time

Author – Amanda-Jane Turner AWSN is all about connecting, supporting, collaborating and inspiring women who work in any type of security industry. So today I thought we would focus on SUPPORT and look out what happens when we have a bad day in our chosen industry. When work has left you feeling stressed and exhausted,…
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Welcome to the official blog – AWSN

The Australian Women in Security Network (AWSN), was founded by Jacqui Loustau. AWSN exists to Connect, Support, Collaborate with and Inspire women in security across Australia and Abroad. AWSN facilitates networking opportunities, informal social events, mentoring and other activities aimed at supporting women who work in the information security sector. This blog will feature insights, information, and editorials…
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