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June 2020

The new cohort of Project Friedman is about to start. We will provide details soon! Watch this space.

You can’t be what you cannot see

July 2019

The Australian Women in Security Network (AWSN) and Women Speak Cyber in partnership with Emily Edgeley are excited to launch Project Friedman.

This Program aims to increase the talent pool of amazing female speakers in the Cyber Security space. To address this, we’re putting 5 well deserving women through a 3 month FREE Public Speaking Coaching Program specifically designed to help people become Conference ready. 

Whether you are looking to present for the first time, or would like to develop your skills, this program is perfect for you! 

Applications closed on 17th May 2019 for this initial round

Elizebeth Smith Friedman
America’s first female cryptanalyst

Why have we called it Project Friedman? 

Project Friedman is all about giving women the confidence to stand up and speak.

Co-founders: Louisa Vogelenzang, Louisa Partridge, Jacqui Loustau and Emily Edgeley

This program was named after Elizebeth Friedman, a brilliant and America’s first cryptographer. Unfortunately, she was not as visible as she could have been, for all the incredible work she did. As a result, we have chosen to dedicate this program to her.

Participants will undertake a 4 month coaching program with the goal of presenting at a security industry event in September / October 2018.

In order for you to get the full benefit from this amazing coaching and for your talk to have the best chance at being incredible, we require your full commitment to the whole program.

By signing up, you are agreeing to: 

1. Attend all coaching sessions as per the coaching plan* 

2. Complete the homework / pre-work as required* 

3. Attend the pre-rehearsal at the venue the day before 

4. Perform your talk as scheduled on the day of the Conference you’ve chosen 

5. Participate in filming for the Women Speak Cyber Project that will follow your journey on the course 

*If you are aware in advance that you cannot attend one of the pre-defined sessions, please make this known with as much notice as possible, so we can work out another time or alternative arrangements. 

Failure to adhere to the above requirements may result in you forfeiting your place in the Program and give AWSN and Women Speak Cyber the right to award the place to another candidate.

Judging Criteria

  • The applicant has accepted the terms and conditions
  • The applicant must want to speak at an Australian Security Conference / Meetup or have a speaker spot lined up 
  • The applicant demonstrates a strong need for public speaking coaching 
  • The applicant has not spoken at a major conference previously 
  • The Panel must come to an agreement on the applicants to be chosen
  • The Panel will achieve diversity in topics amongst the participants chosen (note panel members cannot vote for people they have a professional connection with)
  • There is interest in the topic from Conference organisers who have offered speaking slots

Thanks to these 2019 project sponsors: