Women in Leadership

Australian Women in Security Network

SheLeadsTech Partnership

8th May 2020

ISACA’s SheLeadsTech Melbourne and Australian Women in Security Network (AWSN) have joined together to increase the representation of women in Technology Leadership roles and the tech workforce.

AWSN will be working with ISACA’s SheLeadsTech Program to establish:

More participation of women in tech roles,community representation, online discussion boards, library with materials, events sharing, cadetship program, speaking opportunities, webinar presentation, school visits, mentoring and access to world wide member community.

How to join:

ISACA SheLeadsTech Melbourne LinkedIn Group Page

ISACA SheLeadsTech Website

Cyber Leadership Program

13th May 2020

We are pleased to partner with the Cyber Leadership Institute, who are sponsoring two highly ambitious cybersecurity women leaders to join their June 2020 class of our flagship Cyber Leadership Program (CLP).

This intensive, 8-weeks, online program is geared to impart strategy, governance, leadership, communication, and influencing skills to existing and emerging CISOs. The CLP is run by Darren Argyle, a top 100 global CISO and supported by Phil Zongo, a bestselling author, and Jan Schreuder, a veteran cybersecurity executive.

Each scholarship is worth AUD$ 2,875. Recipients will participate in the CLP program and attend weekly highly interactive calls with peer CISOs.

A UK based cyber executive recently remarked – “The leadership program is thought-provoking, informative and packed full of useful information and delivered by an experienced and knowledgeable team who are able to provide a variety of perspectives from their own experience.”

Registrations closed 18th May 2020