AWSN Mentoring Pilot

Supporting entry level security students and professionals 

AWSN, in partnership with the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), is pleased to launch the 2021 Australian Women in Security Network Mentoring Pilot.   

In 2019, the Prime Minister committed resources to growing the presence of women in the security workforce through coaching and mentoring initiatives, including delivery of an online mentor matching program. Through ASD’s sponsorship, we are developing our program using the OK RDY mentorship matching platform - a homegrown Australian start-up founded in the country's capital of Canberra that connects students, professionals and companies, to improve employability, diversity and cultural outcomes. Mentorships are recommended via artificial intelligence, based on personal interests, professional skills, geo-location, with a strong weighting on social values. 


Our Pilot focusing on emerging talent will commence in February 2021 

The group of mentees to be involved in this pilot will be our AWSN Cadets - women in security who are currently studying, are in the first three years of their career, or those who are transitioning to the industry. Some come from communications, IT, legal, security guards, development and accounting backgrounds and looking to move into security. If your journey has been similar, these women will benefit from your guidance and support. 


Looking for ways to give back – we need you! 

We are currently taking expressions of interest for the Pilot and encourage you to nominate your interest in being a Mentor for our first group of AWSN Cadets. Induction sessions which include use of the new platform will be provided, as well as ongoing support for you throughout the Pilot.  

Think you don’t have what it takes? Even with the smallest experience and our expert guidance, everyone has something to offer. As long as your values are aligned with AWSN and you have a desire to watch women in our industry succeed, you can contribute.  


Benefits of being an AWSN Mentor 

  • Giving back – it’s rewarding to know that you have helped someone along their career journey! 

  • Build your communication and mentoring skills 

  • Expand your network and learn from other mentors 

  • Learn and develop your mentoring style 

  • Free AWSN membership for the duration of the Pilot 

  • Be a part of a fabulous community of mentors for women in security 

“In a professional context Mentorship is not about reaching a particular goal within an organisation. Mentorship has two pillars and those are: trust and learning. The best outcome of being a mentee is to trust, listen, collaborate to formulate a relationship and eventually you will find your way with the right anchor. I have also been a mentor and the true benefit was learning, and to gain the ability to see something more in people around you. We learn from people around us and mentoring is a two-way street both for the mentor and mentee. It is a relationship at the end of the day!” Tanvi Bali, DevSecOps Lead at NAB 

The Program Structure

Update 16th Feb 2021: Please note that there has been a recent change in the training dates below.

Key Dates (2021)



3rd February - 30th March


Applications Open 

Mentors to register for an Introduction to Program Session 

Tues 27th April (8.00am-9.30am AEDT)


Thurs 29th April (12pm-1:30pm AEDT) 


Introduction to Program session - Mentors

Tuesday 4th May 


Thursday 6th May


Mentor training and to meet other program mentors

5th May


Introduction to Program session - Mentees 




Keen to give back and share your experiences

3 years + in the workforce with at least 1 year in the security industry

Located in Australia

18+ years of age

Can be male-identifying or female-identifying

Commit to > 1 hour a month to connect with your mentee and develop your mentorship 


Join as a Mentor

Not yet an AWSN Member? We are offering Mentors free membership for a year. Join here





Partner with industry professionals to enhance your career journey 

Located in Australia

18+ years of age


Commit to > 1 hour a month to connect with your mentor and develop your career


We will be taking applications for Mentees in April 2021.

Please join as an AWSN Cadet and make sure you select your interest in joining this program. We will notify you once applications are open.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved in the Women in Security Mentoring Program? 

A program developed by AWSN, ASD using the OKRDY platform.  

The OK RDY mentorship matching platform connects students, professionals and companies; to improve employability, diversity and cultural outcomes. Mentorships are recommended via artificial intelligence, based on personal interests, professional skills, geo-location; and a strong weighting on social values. Users can network in the public application or organisations can create private programs based on their mentoring strategy. Leveraging cloud and mobile technology, the OK RDY platform is mobile, scalable and ensures your mentoring profile data stays in Australia. 

Mentors and Mentees accepted into the program download the AWSN app, register in the platform and let the magic behind the scenes to match them with potential mentors/mentees. 

We believe that everyone can learn to be a good mentor, and we will help along the way by providing coaching and calls so you can connect with other mentors. 

We will provide a playbook which will include information on how to start your mentorship and the dos and don’ts in order to maximise the benefits. 


What is the Commitment? 

For everyone to get the most out of this 6-month program, we ask for a commitment from both the Mentor and the Mentee 8 hours (including mentor sessions and training).  

Why are we offering Mentoring guidance and monthly catch-ups? 

  • This helps guide the discussion between yourself and the mentee 

  • It’s an opportunity to meet other AWSN mentors 

  • It aids everyone in getting the most out of mentoring 


Are there limited places in this program? 

As this is a pilot program, spaces are limited. If you miss out this time, please still register and you will receive a notification when we open it to  more participants.  

If you have any other questions, then please contact us 


What is the cost of the program? 

There is currently no additional cost to  AWSN Members to join the Mentoring Pilot.  

Mentors are provided with 12 months complimentary membership as thanks for their participation in this pilot.