Membership Benefits

AWSN is an open network of people aiming to grow the number of women in the security and resilience community. We support, inspire, and act as role models. We connect women in the industry and those looking to enter the field with the tools, knowledge, network and platforms needed to build confidence and interest. We know the diversity of online and physical threats and risks require diversity of thought on how to address them, and this is where our network thrives.

AWSN members benefit from:


  • Local meetups - network with other people working in security
  • Career advice - stay informed about the latest careers and how to get a job
  • Learn about security - be inspired by our speakers
  • On demand webinar series - access to our webinar library
  • Speaking opportunities - gain confidence to speak at a variety of events, including schools, meetings, conferences, workshops, etc.
  • Writing opportunities - contribute to our industry through thought leadership papers and forums
  • AWSN Mentor Program - join to become a mentor, find a mentor, or both
  • AWSN Cadet Program - learn about security careers and connect with others entering the field
  • Women in Leadership - get support to help you progress in your career
  • Jobs or internship opportunities - notifications from companies actively recruiting
  • Special interest groups - connect to others in your area of security
  • Connection to other AWSN members - collaborate and share ideas and opportunities
  • International partner organisations - connect with like-minded groups to increase your international exposure
  • Scholarship/Grant opportunities - help increase your security capability through a scholarship or grant to fund your education


Through their involvement with AWSN, our members tell us that they:

Have more confidence applying for roles, attending security events and public speaking

Have got a job after attending and networking at our events

Have been inspired by the role models speaking at our events or being recognised for an award

Found a mentor/ally to help them navigate their career


We currently have members:

  • across Australia (All states)
  • working in cybersecurity, Physical/Protective Security, Resilience, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Technology Delivery, Audit, Risk and Compliance, Cyber Law, Privacy, Fraud, Cybercrime, Security Operations, Security Education/Awareness, Application Security, Identity and Access Management Security Management, Transport Security, Cloud Security, Data Security and more!
  • Working in international enterprises, large Australian corporates, small medium businesses, startups, government, service providers and consulting
  • Working in a diverse number of roles and are at various stages of their careers. Some are tertiary/graduates or starting out, some are transitioning into security from long careers in another industry, some have been in security for a while and some are inspirational leaders in our industry
  • Including male advocates helping and supporting to make change in our industry's culture



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